Current Projects

At any given time, Code for Greensboro will have between one and four projects in development. On this page you'll find on the projects' main functions, key goals, and the civic need or population it's intended to serve. Additionally, new project contributors should refer here to determine the tech stack for a particular project, key personnel and open roles, desired skillsets from contributors, or standout issues that need to be addressed.

For more specific documentation regarding a project, please refer to its corresponding repo in our GitHub organization. To learn the basics of our project development methodology click here.

NC Reentry Resources Hub Project

As an expansion of the Buncombe Country Reentry Resources Hub, we will be working to create a version of this site for Guilford County residents. The Reentry Resources Hub aims to assist ex-offenders with ways to reintegrate into society, including links to resources for housing, education, legal assistance, employment, as well as information on any federal aid an offender may be entitled to. As the project scales, we will be collaborating with Code for Asheville to generate a template site for each county in North Carolina, allowing local volunteers from each region to fill in information relevant to their communities.

The site itself will be run using node.js and react, and we will need contributors with knowledge of HTML, CSS, and content writing ability. More information here. Unlike other projects, the Reentry Resources GitHub repo is hosted through the Code for NC organization, due to it's collaborative nature.

Go Vote GSO

An app in prototype phase, the aim of GO Vote GSO is to provide a site where residents of Guilford County can look up their voter status, voting locations, candidates up for election, as well as their individual platforms and policy positions. Proposed features have included integrating candidates' social media feeds under their profiles.

You can find the github repo here. More documentation and information on required skillsets coming soon.

Local Ordinance Enforcment Dashboard

This project is an update for the City of Greensboro's Local Enforcement Ordinance Dashboard. This tool can be used as a research for prospective homebuyers or renters to look up Ordinance Violations nearby them, or as a way to rescue houses from being demolished.

The project is a Ruby on Rails application and is in need of a front end developer or web designer for styling. The current project lead is Teddy Caddy. For more information check out the project's GitHub repo.

Questions? Have an idea that isn't listed here? Contact us or join our Slack community and let us know what you think!