Do something revolutionary this November

On the weekend of November 6-8, you're going to have a lot of options in the Triad—especially if you're interested in technology or entrepreneurship. Here's why you should do something revolutionary with your weekend by attending Civicon 2015.

1. You'll be using your talents for the good of your entire community

As a developer, it's not often that you'll get to work on a project that can shift the balance for your whole community—and open data and civic projects can do just that. Many of us are startup folks, too, so we know the allure of the weekend long startup bash and the venture capital that comes with it. But deciding that Facebook for Cats can wait, and using your talents for the greater good, is something you won't regret.

2. You'll be putting your city (and state) on the map

North Carolina has more Code for America brigades than any other state. Our cities are adopting open data policies at a fast rate, and companies like RedHat and Socrata (both Civicon 2015 sponsors) are at the forefront of the open data movement.

Participating in Civicon sends a resounding signal that open data and civic technology are the industry of the 21st century for North Carolina.

3. You can give a hand up to the next generation

We'll be hosting a kids hackathon this year at Civicon, so you can share your rad skills with the kids who will be inventing the future. That's not an opportunity you'll get anywhere else.

4. Rumors of tacos persist

And who doesn't like tacos?

Seriously, we're really excited about the work we've put into this hackathon. We'll have cash prizes for teams, lots of speakers, food and camaraderie. But it's also true that your participation makes it clear that this is a movement that means something. It has the ability to create jobs and growth in North Carolina, to make civic engagement the rule and not the exception, and to set the stage for a smarter more open future.

Read more and get your tickets today.