Signing up for our Slack

Image from The happyfox blog.

Slack is the group chat software we use to communicate during our hack nights, in between meetings, and generally just for fun. If you are brand new to it, the process to join is relatively straightforward. Below are a simple set of guidelines to sign up:

1.) Have a device capable of connecting to the internet. (Are you reading this? You've already started!)

2.) Fill out the form below. Be sure to include an email address to use as a login as well as your preferred name. On the subject line please type "Slack Invite"

Please note: The email you put will be visible to anyone else who is in our Slack Community.

3.) Once we receive your request, an invite will be sent to the email address you provided. This may take several days as we have to do this manually. If you don't see the invite, check your spam folder before submitting another request.

4.) Click the link in the email to setup your account.

5.) You're all set! To log back in to the slack team, go to This link will only work once you have set up your account.

You can also get a number of apps from the official site to streamline the login process for multiple devices and operating systems.

For linux users who don't want to rely on a beta program, scudcloud is a decent slack client. Installation instructions for various distributions are listed on the github page.

Slack has many features and is deeply integrated with a number of other apps and services. There is always more to find out!

Happy Slacking!